Oh, thanks the musician,
To have an instrument to play,
To pour our music into each page,
To let the music have its way.
To release our pent-up passion,
Be it anger - be it love,
To play with true compassion,
As a gift from Annie's Rainbow Home.
To express our inner joy,
To let our spirit soar,
To free our self to dance,
To sing loudly from our core.
To tease and please our inner heart,
To relieve and ease our aging mind.
To soothe and smooth our secret hurts,
To love, to free, to lose, to find.
To allow my heart to burst,
To seduce with love song,
To communicate with me,
To let me know your feeling.
To do all this with music,
What an awesome, wondrous feat!
Such power in Home of Rainbow,
In my voice, in my feet!
To command the world's emotions,
What an international rush!
Just by playing music,
Or ... is the music playing us?

Copyright 1st October 2006

1. Right Here Waiting
2. 喝 采 - 陳百強
3. Have You Seen Her
5. 愛的星空
6. Your Song
7. River of Babylon
8. How Can I Tell Her
9. 我只在乎你
10. 綠島小夜曲
11. 大自然的樂聲
12. 我很想愛他
13. Those Were The Day
14. Hotel California
15. Casablanca
16. Could I Have This Kiss Forever
17. How do I live
18. Carrie - Europe
19. Brother Louie MTV
20. Hungry eyes
21. The Day You Went Away
22. Good Time (MV)
23. Matthew Lien 馬修連恩
24. THE Temple of The KING
25. When YOU beleive
26. 我愛你
27. I can't tell you why
28. Angel
29. Stuck on you
30. Making Love out of nothing at all
31. Summer Wine
32. Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You
33. Red Hot - 陳美 MV
34. Through the Arbor
35. Moonlight Shadow
36. To Love you more
37. 前緣再續 - Hélène Ségara 愛蓮西嘉賀
38.  I've Never Been to Me
39. Listen to your Heart
40. 曲終人散
41. Forever
42. numanuma MV
43. Laura Pausini MV
44. I don't wanna talk about it
45. Don't cry for me Argentina MV
46. 來茵河之戀
47. 劉德華的書法 (謝謝你的愛)
48. 希臘女歌手Haris Alexiou - To Tango Tis Nefelis
49. 紅花魂
50. 才 女
51. You Got It All
52. Take My Breath Away
53. 隱形的翅膀
54. La La La Love Song
55. Paul Mauriat Ochestra 專輯 (二十首連續播放)
56. 劉德華~>再說一次我愛你 MV
57. How Deep Is Your Love
58. Proud of You
59. 厲害的鼓手
60. I Love You To Want Me
61. 布列瑟儂-《狼》馬修連MV
62. Tennessee Waltz
63. 思念誰
64. 上海灘
65. 停口─勁似李克勤
66. 愛裡重圓 ─ 2006年《向生命致敬院線》主題曲
67. 今生今世
68. Mandy
69. Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~> Eva Cassidy
70. Tears in Heaven
71. I Cry
72. Butterfly Kisses
73. Settling 飄零
74. 下一站天國
75. Gloomy Sunday 黑色星期天
76. Loving You
Loving you is easy. Cause you're beautiful. Making love with you is all I wanna to do.
77. 月亮代表我的心
78. 香水有毒
79. 夢醒時份
80. 當你孤單你會想起誰
81. Pretty Boy
82. 死 亡